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Informationen in Fremdsprache

Das Thema Sicherheit ist für alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger, unabhängig von Herkunft und Sprache, relevant. Auch das in seiner Form weltweit einzigartige Rettungssystem in Deutschland stellt eine Eigenart dar, die es von Jedermann zu verstehen gilt.

Aktuell arbeiten wir gemeinsam mit der Integrationsstelle der Stadt Bad Orb an weiteren Übersetzungen für die wichtigsten Informationen. Wir bitten noch um etwas Geduld. Vielen Dank.

Informationen in englischer Sprache

Welcome to the Bad Orb Volunteer Fire Department.
Nice to meet you!
With this short overview we like to give you initial information about the Bad Orb Fire Department,
but also about the general organization of the fire brigade in Germany.
In case of emergency every European fire department and rescue service can be reached by dialing 112.

The majority of the fire departments in Germany are organized voluntarily.
In Bad Orb, the firefighters do their job unsalaried as well.

The firefighters, who can be boys and girls for sure, actually have a normal job. They are only on duty if there is an emergency. A small device, called pager, rings in case of emergency.
Then the firefighters leave their normal jobs and drive to the fire station rapidly, put on their protective clothing and respond to the scene.

Due the manifold tasks of the firefighters, they must train many scenarios. In Bad Orb this training takes place every Thursday evening at 7:30pm.
Everybody can be part of the operational squad. So feel free to join us. We are looking for highly motivated members.
You will receive a highly qualified training on several courses with other trainees.
You will be part of a strong community, that lasts forever. We look forward to you!